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Resignation of Turgay Avci from Yodak Chairmanship

Turgay Avci resigned from his position as Yodak Chairman due to corruption allegations involving bribery and forged diplomas at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, aiming to protect the organization’s integrity. The scandal led to criminal charges, including Avci’s arrest, prompting a call for his resignation by Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar to pave the way for a new untainted leadership structure within Yodak.

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Examining the Overabundance of Medical Schools in Northern Cyprus

The fake diploma scandal in Northern Cyprus has shaken the integrity of the education system, particularly involving alleged bribery in the accreditation of medical schools like the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University. Amidst the turmoil, the government’s response reflects a commitment to transparency, with strict policies in place not just in academia but also in public events like football matches to ensure safety and uphold standards.

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Scandal Tremors: Public Sector Reemployment Amidst Controversy

Amidst a scandal involving a fraudulent diploma scheme at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, Meray Durust has been reappointed to a public sector role despite facing police investigation with her husband. This controversial decision has sparked a policy debate on whether individuals under legal scrutiny should hold government positions, raising concerns about accountability and public trust in public institutions.

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Holy Synod Court Proceedings Begin Amidst Scandal

The Holy Synod court proceedings have commenced, addressing allegations against two monks from the Osios Avakum monastery involving sexual misconduct and financial impropriety. This scandal has sparked concerns about transparency and accountability within the church, as highranking ecclesiastical figures convene to deliberate away from the public eye.

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Tatar Demands Resignation Amidst Education Scandal

Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar demands Yodak Chairman Turgay Avci’s resignation over allegations of counterfeit diplomas and corruption, sparking a push for educational integrity. Avci, accused of accepting bribes related to university accreditation, faces calls for resignation to uphold standards in the Turkish Cypriot higher education sector.

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Church and State have different roles in monastery scandal, Christodoulides says

The Osios Avakoum monastery scandal underscores the importance of the separation of church and state roles, as President Christodoulides stresses impartial investigation and accountability. The incident involving financial irregularities and public figures like Elam head Christos Christou and former police chief Kypros Michaelides highlights the need for transparency and adherence to legal processes.

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Scandal at Osios Avakoum Monastery Rocks Religious and Political Realms

The scandal at Osios Avakoum Monastery involves money, illicit relationships, and accusations of staged miracles, implicating highranking individuals like expolice chief Kypros Michaelides and political figurehead Christos Christou, with a safe holding €800,000 confiscated and claims of monks’ kidnapping surfacing, raising integrity concerns within religious and political spheres. As an ecclesiastical court investigation unfolds, the community grapples with the fallout of this scandal, with public trust in law enforcement and religious institutions potentially at stake.

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Eyes on ‘MP’ in North’s Fake Diploma Scandal

A scandal involving Northern MP Emrah Yesilirmak and a fake diploma from Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (KSTU) has raised concerns about legislative immunity and education accreditation. Amidst the fallout, questions loom over the integrity of the northern education system and the implications for transparency and accountability in the higher education sector.

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State now free to act on monks’ sex scandal

The scandal at Osiou Avakoum monastery involves two monks accused of sexual misconduct and financial fraud, amassing 800,000 euros. The Holy Synod and state authorities are investigating the allegations to ensure transparency and accountability within the religious institution.

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