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Emergency Meeting Over Alleged Misconduct at Monastery

The emergency meeting regarding alleged misconduct at the Osiou Avvakoum monastery has sent shockwaves through the serene village of Fterikoudi, with two monks implicated in possessing a large sum of money and questionable recordings. The scandal has prompted an urgent investigation into the monastery’s finances and spurred discussions on ethical behavior and consequences within the religious community.

religious community scandal

Scandal Shocks Religious Community

The Osiou Avvakoum monastery scandal involving monks hoarding €800,000 and jewels, as well as facing sexual misconduct allegations, has deeply shocked the religious community. The Holy Synod swiftly responded by closing the monastery, demanding explanations from the monks, and potentially taking legal actions as the investigation progresses.

politics scandal

Phed Express Roars Back into Action Over Sewage Scandal

Phed Express, the mayor of Paphos, is taking legal action against companies involved in a bribery scandal linked to sewage projects, while Central Bank Governor Constantinos Herodotou faces criticism for late implementation of European Banking Authority criteria in credit supervision. The controversies surrounding these figures highlight the ongoing struggle for integrity and accountability in public institutions in Cyprus.

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Legal Scandal in Nicosia: Millions Embezzled by Prominent Lawyer

A prominent lawyer in Nicosia is accused of embezzling millions from clients through a deceptive scheme resembling a pyramidscheme. The victims, from various backgrounds, were promised high returns on nonexistent property investments. The lawyer, along with accomplices, is under police investigation for these fraudulent activities.

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