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A Journalist’s Struggle for Justice Amidst Harsh Working Conditions

In a victorious legal battle, journalist Evdokia Loizou secured €925,000 in compensation after a 13year struggle, attributing her encephalitis to harsh working conditions at the state broadcaster. The Nicosia district court’s decision marked a significant win for workplace health rights, despite the broadcaster’s announcement of an appeal, sparking discussions on public sector dynamics and justice in the workplace.

press freedom legal challenges

Defending Press Freedom: The Trials of Aysemden Akin

Aysemden Akin, a journalist with Bugun Kibris, is facing legal challenges due to her reporting. She is being sued by a religious sect she exposed in northern Cyprus and is also involved in a separate legal case in Turkey for her political commentary. These cases are indicative of the larger issue of intimidation and pressure faced by Turkish Cypriot journalists, which compromises press freedom.

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