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Strengthening Borders: Cyprus’ Rising Migrant Return Rates

Cyprus has seen a remarkable 66% rise in the return of irregular migrants in 2023, showcasing its dedication to managing migration effectively. Through enhanced cooperation with Frontex, informative programs, financial incentives, and participation in EU solidarity mechanisms, Cyprus is making significant strides in addressing migration challenges and has been recognized as a leader in migrant returns in the EU.

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Urgent Efforts Required to Strengthen Migration Management

Urgent actions are needed to strengthen migration management, including upgrading reception center infrastructure, streamlining asylum application reviews, providing legal support, securing borders while respecting human rights, preventing exploitation like sham marriages, improving living conditions in reception centers, and fighting crime and prosecuting migrant trafficking. The House interior committee highlighted the necessity for the government to take immediate and effective actions in response to the ongoing migration challenges, emphasizing structured political action and comprehensive planning as essential.

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Enhanced Maritime Security Measures by Cyprus

Cyprus has bolstered maritime security by deploying two port police boats, ‘Alasia’ and ‘Theseus,’ near the Lebanese coast to intercept migrant vessels. As part of a broader regional migration control effort, Cyprus has also suspended asylum application processing for Syrian migrants to manage irregular migration flows effectively.

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Cyprus’ Migration Efforts ‘Validated’

The European Commission, through Vice President Margaritis Schinas, has validated Cyprus’ migration policy efforts, commending the country for its leadership in returning migrants to their countries of origin. Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou welcomed this recognition, emphasizing the success of Cyprus’ immigration management strategies under the Christodoulides administration.

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