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Ypsonas: The Changing Face of a Cypriot Community

Ypsonas in Cyprus is rapidly transforming from a peaceful suburb to a potential modern district, bringing both opportunities and challenges. With corporate expansion threatening local businesses, rising property prices, and increased traffic congestion, the community faces the task of maintaining its identity amidst rapid growth.

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The Green Dilemma: Cyprus Grapples with Environmental Taxation

Cyprus is facing challenges with implementing environmental taxation, including concerns over high costs and fairness. The country is also struggling to transition to solar energy and electric vehicles due to limitations with its power grid. Balancing these issues with public opinion and technological readiness will be crucial in shaping Cyprus’s environmental roadmap.

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Cypriots’ Willingness to Support Green Transition Through Higher Taxes

A recent survey conducted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) revealed that an impressive 70% of Cypriots are willing to support the green transition by paying higher income taxes, with many willing to contribute an extra 110% of their income. This tax increase aims to help lowerincome households affected by the shift to a lowcarbon economy, showcasing a remarkable display of solidarity and commitment to a greener future in Cyprus.

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