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Bridging the Gender Gap: Women in Tech® Cyprus Launch by TechIsland and Adsterra

TechIsland and Adsterra have launched the Women in Tech® Cyprus Chapter, aiming to close the gender gap in STEAM fields by promoting inclusion and empowering women through mentorship, education, networking, and job opportunities. The chapter serves as a hub of interaction and growth, offering valuable programs such as a Global Mentorship Programme, educational initiatives, job opportunities, and networking events, all with the goal of fostering diversity and supporting women’s growth in technology.

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Meridian Gaming CY Champions Education with UNIC Scholarships

Meridian Gaming CY’s scholarships at the University of Nicosia promote academic excellence, equality, and opportunity. The scholarships not only provide financial aid but also affirm the potential of students like Andreas Georgiou and George Avraam, inspiring them to achieve their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society.

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Maternity and Paternity Leave Set for a Boost

The Cypriot government is extending maternity leave from 18 to 22 weeks and introducing an eightweek paid paternity leave, aiming to support parents in balancing work and family life, while promoting gender equality and empowering women. President Nikos Christodoulides highlighted the government’s efforts to create a more accommodating environment for women, increase gender diversity in decisionmaking processes, and address violence against women, including signing a memorandum of understanding with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote gender equality within the business community.

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The Invisible Women of Cyprus: A Spotlight on Erased Histories

The Invisible Women of Cyprus: A Spotlight on Erased Histories highlights the historical oversight of women’s contributions in Cyprus, with official records typically portraying women only as mothers of heroes or widows of war. Educator Georgia Spanou aims to rectify this by showcasing inspiring female pioneers in her book ‘Cypriot Women Who Inspire’, which seeks to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity.

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