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Ersin Tatar’s Diplomatic Voyage to The Gambia

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar heads to The Gambia for the 15th Islamic summit, advocating for recognition and equality for his community against Greek Cypriot isolation. Through strategic meetings, he aims to gain global support and reshape perceptions of Turkish Cypriots on the international stage.

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Nicosia Protest Calls for Migrant Rights

The Nicosia protest for migrant rights demanded justice, respect, and protection for migrants in Cyprus. Demonstrators gathered in unity, calling for an end to secondclass treatment, systemic change, and recognition of their contributions to society.

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XM Tops Island’s List of ‘Best Workplaces for Women’

XM has been recognized as the Best Workplace for Women in Cyprus, with 40% of women in midsenior management roles and 25% in top managerial positions, showcasing its commitment to women’s empowerment and professional growth. This accolade highlights XM’s inclusive culture and policies that ensure equal opportunities for all employees, solidifying its reputation as a top employer in the region.

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Empowering Women in Leadership

The First Lady of Cyprus, Philippa Karsera Christodoulides, champions gender equality in leadership roles, urging for increased female representation in decisionmaking positions and supporting worklife balance reforms. With a focus on policy implementation and community infrastructure enhancements, the goal is to empower women to pursue their goals without compromising their roles within the family.

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Cyprus Business Now: Strides in Gender Equality and Capital Market Education

DP World Limassol leads the way in gender equality in the maritime industry, with initiatives to increase women’s representation. The Cyprus Stock Exchange hosts educational seminars on capital raising mechanisms, while Paphos hoteliers face challenges with low reservation numbers. Larnaca emerges as a hotspot for real estate investment, and Eurobank’s financial success in Cyprus sets the stage for future growth.

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Advancing Gender Equality: A Presidential Pledge

President Nikos Christodoulides has made historic strides in advancing gender equality, with 39% female representation in cabinet positions and 40% on Administrative Boards, as well as introducing policies against sexist behavior and harassment. Initiatives include increased support for singleparent and large families, legislation to address the gender pay gap, and a National Strategy to combat violence against women.

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Slow Progress in Gender Equality in the Workplace

The PwC Cyprus report reveals that progress towards gender equality in the workplace is slow, with over half a century needed to close the pay gap at the current pace. Workplace inclusion is crucial, as women in inclusive environments are likelier to seek promotions and skill development, and less likely to switch employers. Countries like Luxembourg, Iceland, and Slovenia lead in gender equality efforts.

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Empowering Women in Tech: Cyprus Computer Society’s New Initiative

The Cyprus Computer Society is launching the “Future Startup Founders” program to empower women in tech, offering free 60hour online training in entrepreneurship skills. With a focus on business models, lean startup methodologies, and tech concepts, this initiative aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and support women in launching successful startups.

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