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A Culinary Gem in Goudi: The Stone Lion Taverna

The Stone Lion Taverna in Goudi is a hidden culinary gem, offering homemade British and Cypriot dishes with stunning views and warm hospitality. Their Fish and Chip Friday special and Sunday roast with complimentary dessert are musttry experiences for food lovers seeking quality and value in a picturesque setting.

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Fresh Seafood at Hür Deniz: A Must-Visit in Cyprus

🌊 Fresh Seafood at Hür Deniz: A MustVisit in Cyprus 🐟 If you’re a seafood lover in Cyprus, Hür Deniz is a mustvisit! Known for their wide variety of fresh fish and comprehensive seafood dining experience, they also offer a curated selection of wines and accessories. With locations in Alsancak and central Kyrenia, their fresh fish reaches seafood lovers all over the region. Don’t forget to check out their popular seafood restaurant in Karaoğlanoğlu for delicious dishes and excellent service. Experience the enriching seafood culture of Cyprus at Hür Deniz! 🦞🍷

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