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Support for Single-Parent Families: A Financial Boost

In a recent announcement by the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, financial aid has been offered to singleparent families with an income cap of 19,500 euros and a maximum deposit of 10,000 euros, providing 100 euros for the first child and 50 euros for each subsequent child, up to 250 euros. This move aims to ease the financial burden on singleparent households and offer muchneeded support to those in need.

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Financial Aid for Limassol and Kormakitis Storm Victims

The government is providing financial aid to Limassol and Kormakitis storm victims, covering repair costs up to €20,000 in Limassol and offering full coverage for damages up to €1,000 in Kormakitis. The aid also includes funds for infrastructure and road network restoration, highlighting the community’s resilience in the face of natural disasters.

agriculture wildfires

New Initiatives Offer Hope to Farmers Affected by Wildfires

Farmers in the Limassol district affected by wildfires can access two support schemes: one covers 80% of repair costs for registered farmers with crop declarations, excluding certain infrastructures, and the other offers financial aid for environmental restoration for those ineligible for the first. These initiatives aim to provide muchneeded relief and support to farmers in the wake of significant losses caused by the recent wildfires.

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