explosion investigation

Nicosia Barber Shop Rocked by Explosion

The Nicosia barber shop was rocked by an explosion on a quiet Sunday evening, causing significant damage and leaving the community in shock. Police are investigating the deliberate act and urging witnesses to come forward to aid in their efforts to find those responsible.

explosion unauthorized conversion

Explosion Building’s Unauthorized Conversion Revealed

The unauthorized conversion of a building in Engomi led to an explosion due to a gas leak, unveiling the creation of six studio apartments without permits, raising concerns about safety regulations. Engomi authorities are now investigating construction code adherence to avert potential tragedies in the future.

explosion emergency response

Two in Hospital After Explosion in Engomi

An explosion in Engomi left two individuals hospitalized and caused extensive damage to a threestory building. The fire brigade suspects a sudden loss of gas supply as the likely cause, prompting a thorough investigation to determine the exact reasons behind the event.

explosion investigation

Mysterious Explosion in Nicosia Raises Concerns

An explosion occurred outside a shop in the Makedonitissa area of Nicosia, causing damage to the shop’s facade and starting a fire. Emergency services responded swiftly, and an investigation is underway to determine the cause and motive behind the explosion. Public vigilance is encouraged, and safety measures are being reinforced.

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