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Christodoulides’ Diplomatic Agenda in Brussels

President Nikos Christodoulides’ diplomatic agenda in Brussels encompasses a historic visit to the College of Europe, strategic engagements at the European Council summit, highlevel meetings, and commemorations. His discussions on pressing global issues such as Middle East tensions and the Ukraine crisis are expected to underscore Cyprus’ role on the international stage.

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Strengthening Ties: Cyprus and France Discuss Strategic Cooperation

Cyprus and France are deepening their strategic cooperation, focusing on defence and security, with discussions on regional stability in the Mediterranean. The French frigate Courbet symbolizes France’s commitment to partnership with Cyprus, reflecting a broad strategic alliance including economic, cultural, and international collaboration.

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Cyprus Bolsters Maritime Ties at European Cruise Summit

Cyprus made strides at the European Cruise Summit in Genoa by advocating for sustainability, women’s employment, and enhancing EU port competition. Deputy Minister of Shipping, Marina Hadjimanolis engaged in critical discussions, showcasing Cyprus’s commitment to a diverse, competitive, and environmentallyconscious maritime industry.

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High-Level EU Official Set to Discuss Democracy and Policy in Cyprus

Margaritis Schinas, VicePresident of the European Commission, is set to visit Cyprus to engage in discussions on democracy, policy, and EUCypriot relations, including highlevel meetings, a public address at the University of Nicosia, and interactions with students. The visit aims to strengthen ties and foster dialogue on Cyprus’s role within the EU, showcasing a notable arrival and engagements with key Cypriot leaders to highlight the importance of EUCypriot relations and pave the way for future collaborations.

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EU Supports Cyprus’ Humanitarian Gaza Corridor

The EUbacked Cyprus’ humanitarian corridor ‘Amalthia’ offers a lifeline for aid delivery to Gaza, free from political interference. This initiative underscores Cyprus’ pivotal role in regional stability and humanitarian assistance, promising direct support to those in need within conflict zones.

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Strengthening Support for Island Tourism

Cyprus is advocating for tailored support measures from the EU to bolster island tourism, including a panEuropean electronic job recruitment platform and initiatives for sustainable tourism and digital transformation. Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumis, emphasized the urgent need for these measures during an informal meeting of EU Tourism Ministers in La Hulpe, Belgium, to address the specific challenges faced by island destinations like Cyprus.

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Cyprus and the Challenge of Workplace Gender Equality

Cyprus struggles with workplace gender equality, ranking secondworst in the EU with a score of 14.62 out of 50, highlighting low female representation in parliament and corporate boards, alongside a 6.08% gender pay gap. Urgent efforts are needed to bridge the gender gap and improve equality across all sectors in Cyprus.

diplomacy european union

Christodoulides’ Diplomatic Agenda in Brussels

President Nikos Christodoulides’ agenda at the Brussels Summit includes attending the EUWestern Balkans summit, engaging in presummit meetings with the European People’s Party, and advocating for the EU to play a stronger role in the Middle East peace process. He will also discuss EU expansion, supporting accession talks with Ukraine, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Georgia’s candidate status.

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A Closer Look at Foreign Investment Screenings in the EU

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has raised concerns about the lack of coordinated foreign investment screenings in the EU. Cyprus, a significant hub for foreign direct investment, does not have proper screening mechanisms in place, potentially exposing the region to risks associated with unvetted foreign capital. The absence of a unified approach, disparities in interpretations of EU rules among member states, and the nonreporting of screening outcomes to the EU Commission further hinder the effectiveness and transparency of the system. The ECA has recommended amendments to the EU FDI screening framework, better alignment of practices across national screening mechanisms, and enhanced reporting processes to address these issues and strengthen the process.

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