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Cyprus MEPs Under Scrutiny for Alleged Sanctions Evasion

Cyprus MEPs are accused of aiding in sanctions evasion and money laundering, which has sparked intense debate in the European Parliament. The ‘Cyprus Confidential’ reports have shed light on these allegations, leading to calls for action, accountability, and the strengthening of antimoney laundering defenses within the EU.

european union legislative landscape

Sweeping Reforms Transform the European Union’s Decision-Making Process

The European Union is undergoing sweeping reforms that could drastically change its decisionmaking process. Proposed changes include the removal of the unanimity principle, transfer of powers from member states to EU governing bodies, introduction of new shared competencies, downsizing the European Commission, mandatory adoption of the Euro, and a simplified sanctioning process for member states violating EU values. These reforms, which have been narrowly approved by the European Parliament, have the potential to reshape the EU’s legislative landscape and alter the balance of power within the bloc.

electric vehicles european union

European Union Sees Surge in Electric Vehicle Sales

Electric vehicle sales in the European Union have surged, with a 36.3% increase yearoveryear, and in October, EV sales even overtook diesel for the third time. The broader category of electrified vehicles now accounts for over 47% of new passenger car registrations, indicating a significant shift towards sustainable transportation.

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