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Total Number of Voters in June’s Elections Announced

The total number of registered voters for the upcoming elections in June in Cyprus is an impressive 568,608, including Turkish Cypriots, European citizens, and international voters. Nicosia leads with 220,736 voters, showcasing the diverse electorate across the districts and reflecting the citizens’ readiness to engage in the democratic process.

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Mass Objections to Alleged ‘Illegal’ Voter Registrations

Concerns have been raised over the integrity of voter registration for the upcoming local elections due to over 3,500 objections to irregular registrations, including suspicious address changes and listings at unconventional abodes. Reports of lastminute and “clearly irregular” applications, along with the involvement of political parties, have heightened scrutiny and prompted investigations to ensure a fair election process.

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Cyprus’s Shifting Electoral Landscape: The Rise of Elam

Cyprus’s political landscape is seeing a shift with Elam gaining traction alongside traditional parties Akel and Disy as the country heads towards MEP and local authority elections on June 9th. Disy faces internal rifts, Akel grapples with past missteps, while Elam’s rise reflects broader farright trends in the EU, with new parties like Volt adding to the political fragmentation.

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Electoral Milestone: Cyprus Readies for Historic Elections

Cyprus is gearing up for historic elections on June 9, with candidates vying for European Parliament and local government positions. The deadline to register as a candidate is April 24, and voters will have the opportunity to choose from a diverse pool of candidates, including onethird female and Turkish Cypriot nominees.

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Uncharted Waters: The Complexity of June’s Elections

The upcoming June 9th elections in Cyprus are a logistical feat, with 20,000 candidates competing for 3,500 positions in eight simultaneous polls. To manage this complexity, around 10,000 workers will be recruited, and voter education apps will aid citizens in navigating the process, ensuring a smooth democratic exercise despite the challenges.

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Disy Poised for Triumph in Forthcoming Elections

Disy, led by Annita Demetriou, aims for success in the upcoming local and EU elections amidst opposition, upholding the visionary policies of founder Glafcos Clerides. Their campaign focuses on economic development, social equality, and national unity, targeting progress in Cyprus and Larnaca.

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Record Voter Registration for Upcoming Elections

Cyprus is gearing up for an unprecedented election day where a recordbreaking 19,642 new voters are set to participate in eight different elections on June 9. The surge in voter registrations reflects the country’s commitment to democratic participation, with diverse Cypriot and European residents actively engaging in the electoral process.

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Democratic Milestone: Over 3,500 Candidates Elected in June

On June 9, a recordbreaking number of over 3,500 candidates were elected in Cyprus, including district presidents, mayors, and MEPs, showcasing citizens’ active participation in governance. Modernization efforts such as the “What I Vote” and “Where to Vote” apps aim to enhance the voting experience, with election results set to be promptly announced on June 10 and 11.

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Electricity Cable from Turkey Signifies New Chapter

The new electricity cable connecting Turkey with Northern Cyprus signals a transformative chapter in infrastructure and communication investments, embodying Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar’s vision for the future and the 50th anniversary of the Cyprus peace operation. The project signifies strengthened regional ties and mutual support, paving the way for a new era of connectivity and growth.

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