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Ecological Concerns Rise Over Akamas Road Work Debacle

The Akamas road work has sparked ecological concerns due to road widening exceeding environmental plans—10 meters instead of the agreed 6 meters—threatening the biodiversity of this Natura 2000 site. The construction lacked proper oversight, with evidence of environmental guidelines being violated, prompting a halt in activities and an investigation to enforce accountability and protect Akamas’ natural heritage. The situation has drawn the attention of auditors and highranking officials, with conflicting responses from government entities. The lack of environmental supervision and potential claims for compensation from the construction firm further complicate the scenario. The future of Akamas now hinges on the promised investigation by the president, as concerned citizens and environmental advocates hope for accountability and the safeguarding of the natural heritage of Akamas.

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Critical Coordination Failure in Akamas Roadworks

Construction on the Akamas peninsula road network has been temporarily halted due to environmental concerns and criticism over the government’s ineffective coordination. The contractor Cyfield has paused all operations to address issues and prevent further financial and ecological damage, ensuring the project respects the delicate Akamas environment.

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Environmental Concerns Over Akamas Road Improvement Violations

Lawmakers plan to address the environmental concerns surrounding the Akamas road improvement project in an upcoming parliamentary discussion, aiming to uncover the reasons behind the project’s violations and potential mismanagement. Urgent corrective measures are necessary to address the significant environmental damage caused and prevent further degradation of the region’s ecology.

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President Calls for Immediate Halt to Akamas Developments

President Nikos Christodoulides has called for an immediate halt to roadworks in Akamas due to environmental concerns, stating that the discrepancies observed in the works are unacceptable. Government ministers have previously assured the public that the project’s only issue was the delay it faced, but environmental organizations and audit services have raised alarms over potential infractions.

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Environmentalists Alarmed as Report Validates Akamas Concerns

Environmentalists are alarmed by roadworks in Akamas National Forest Park, asserting that they violate legal frameworks and pose serious environmental risks. The Cyprus Environmental Movement and Opok have confirmed through an audit report that these activities may lead to irreversible ecological damage, urging immediate action to halt the roadworks and revise the development plan to preserve Akamas for future generations.

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