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Elderly Care Home Incident: Bail Granted to Accused Carer

The accused carer in the elderly care home incident in Famagusta, involving the beating of 100yearold resident Saban Disko, was granted bail for 70,000TL with two guarantors pledging 300,000TL, raising concerns about elder care standards. The incident’s legal proceedings in Famagusta, unfolding before judge Aysu Cakan Alakan, have shed light on the vulnerability of the elderly in care facilities, prompting calls for enhanced care practices and a reexamination of care home standards.

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Elder Abuse Case Shocks Famagusta Community

The Famagusta community was shocked by an elder abuse case at a care home, where a caregiver was caught on CCTV physically assaulting a 100yearold resident named Saban Disko. Legal action has been taken, with the caregiver arrested and an ongoing police investigation to uncover the truth and ensure justice is served.

elderly abuse elder abuse cases

Elderly Abuse: A Growing Concern in Society

Elderly abuse is a growing concern in society, with a significant increase in incidents over the past decade. The abuse includes physical violence, neglect, economic exploitation, and emotional torment, and often goes unreported, especially when family members are the perpetrators. It is crucial to take action and raise awareness to protect the dignity and wellbeing of older adults.

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