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Iranian Terrorist Suspect Faces Deportation After Court Ruling

An Iranian national, known as KR, is facing deportation after a court ruling due to his suspected ties to a terrorist group and involvement in criminal activities, despite having lived as a selfemployed plumber in Larnaca since 2002. The rejection of his asylum appeal led to this decision, following evidence of fake passports and plotting against Israeli interests, marking a significant development in international security measures.

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Police Arrests 33 Illegal Migrants in Nicosia

Cyprus police arrested 33 illegal migrants in Nicosia, working in collaboration with the migration department to uphold immigration laws. This recent crackdown is part of a larger effort to address illegal immigration, with over 9,000 individuals deported from Cyprus this year alone.

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202 Individuals Deported from Cyprus in Latest Crackdown

In the latest crackdown on immigration policy, Cyprus deported 202 individuals who were residing in the country without proper authorization, bringing the total number of deportations this year to 8,385. This reflects Cyprus’s commitment to enforcing immigration laws and securing its borders, amidst ongoing geopolitical challenges with Russia and Turkey.

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