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XM Tops Island’s List of ‘Best Workplaces for Women’

XM has been recognized as the Best Workplace for Women in Cyprus, with 40% of women in midsenior management roles and 25% in top managerial positions, showcasing its commitment to women’s empowerment and professional growth. This accolade highlights XM’s inclusive culture and policies that ensure equal opportunities for all employees, solidifying its reputation as a top employer in the region.

education inclusivity

Cultivating a Modern, Inclusive Education System

Dr. Athena Michaelidou is revolutionizing education in Cyprus with a vision for inclusive and innovative schools, focusing on studentcentered approaches and modern teaching techniques. Her reforms include enhancing private school accountability, introducing Englishtaught undergraduate programs, modernizing resources, expanding digital skills, and offering free preprimary education for early learning and parental workforce support.

technology inclusivity

Deaf Dreams to Digital Realities

The Connect Deaf application by George and Dr. Alexandros Geratziotis in Cyprus empowers the deaf and hardofhearing community by bridging communication gaps with tools like the Sign Language Alphabet Keyboard Mobile Application, promoting inclusivity and equal access to technology and information. Their innovative approach not only revolutionizes digital conversations but also fosters a supportive online community, breaking down language barriers and advocating for a more inclusive society.

citizenship mixed marriage

Embracing Unity: Citizenship for Mixed Marriage Families

Cyprus recently granted citizenship to Turkish Cypriots in mixed marriages, including children born from such unions, aligning with President Nikos Christodoulides’ integration measures and societal equality efforts. This policy change marks a significant step towards inclusivity, promoting diversity and unity within the country.

technology urban development

Nicosia Offers Free BLE Tags to Disabled Drivers

Nicosia is giving out 1,000 free BLE tags to disabled drivers for access to designated parking spots, part of their Smart Nicosia project to enhance inclusivity and urban living. This initiative aims to tackle illegal parking while promoting fairness and convenience through technology, setting a standard for progressive urban development across Europe.

gender equality women's history

The Invisible Women of Cyprus: A Spotlight on Erased Histories

The Invisible Women of Cyprus: A Spotlight on Erased Histories highlights the historical oversight of women’s contributions in Cyprus, with official records typically portraying women only as mothers of heroes or widows of war. Educator Georgia Spanou aims to rectify this by showcasing inspiring female pioneers in her book ‘Cypriot Women Who Inspire’, which seeks to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity.

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