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Easing Hospital Regulations Amidst Low COVID-19 Cases

Hospitals and nursing homes will no longer require negative COVID19 tests for visitors starting next Tuesday, reflecting a move towards normalcy amidst low case numbers. Mask mandates will remain in place as a precaution, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance despite the positive trend.

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Cyprus Health Authorities Tackle RSV Amidst Pandemic Challenges

Cyprus health authorities are actively monitoring and managing cases of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) amidst the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. They are collaborating with European healthcare organizations, utilizing lessons from COVID19, and encouraging public adherence to health protocols and vaccination to tackle the rise in RSV cases.

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‘Notable Surge’ in Covid Cases Among Elderly in Past Week

There has been a notable surge in COVID19 cases among the elderly in Cyprus due to a lack of booster vaccine doses for individuals over 80. Health officials are urging the administration of booster shots and cautionary measures such as maskwearing and PCR testing before visiting nursing homes to protect this vulnerable demographic.

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Rising COVID-19 Cases in Cyprus as Holidays Approach

COVID19 cases are rising in Cyprus as the holidays approach, primarily due to increased social gatherings in enclosed spaces. Although hospital admissions are currently low, the medical services director emphasizes the need for vaccination and personal safety measures to prevent further transmission during the festive season.

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Cyprus Experiences Increase in Covid-19 Cases

Cyprus has seen a significant increase in Covid19 cases, with 995 new infections in just one week, mainly attributed to more indoor gatherings during the winter season. Health officials are urging the public to get vaccinated and follow preventive measures like handwashing and maskwearing, especially in crowded indoor spaces, to curb the spread of the virus.

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