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XM Tops Island’s List of ‘Best Workplaces for Women’

XM has been recognized as the Best Workplace for Women in Cyprus, with 40% of women in midsenior management roles and 25% in top managerial positions, showcasing its commitment to women’s empowerment and professional growth. This accolade highlights XM’s inclusive culture and policies that ensure equal opportunities for all employees, solidifying its reputation as a top employer in the region.

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Strengthening Youth Participation in Democracy

Cyprus is boosting youth participation in democracy by planning to lower the voting age to 17, utilizing digital platforms for civic engagement, and promoting youth voter turnout through electronic registration. These efforts coincide with the “national year of youth” in 2024, aimed at empowering young people and inclusive decisionmaking processes in anticipation of Cyprus’ European Council presidency in 2026.

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The Transformative Power of Make-up: Artistry and Expression in Cyprus

In Cyprus, Ilona G Garamvölgyi views makeup as a powerful tool for artistry and personal expression, connecting women to their heritage and empowering them through beauty. Her studio in Nicosia is a sanctuary where clients embark on transformative beauty journeys, guided by her handson approach and philosophy that emphasizes education as much as aesthetics.

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Purpose Academy Programme Marks Successful First Round

The Purpose Academy programme by Purpose Communications successfully concluded its first round, empowering nonprofit organizations in Cyprus like Birth Forward Cyprus and Agkalia Elpidas with essential PR and communications skills. Through personalized workshops and mentorship, NGOs gained strategies to effectively engage audiences and advance their causes, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards societal impact.

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E-Basket Platform Set for Summer Launch

The ebasket platform, set to launch in Cyprus in the summer of 2024, aims to provide transparency in pricing for basic goods, empowering consumers to make costeffective decisions. The platform will require supermarkets with over €5 million turnover to report prices, ensuring accurate price comparisons, and will be accessible via web and mobile apps.

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