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Nearly 100 victims of Metamax pyramid scheme

Nearly 100 victims have fallen prey to the fraudulent promises of the Metamax pyramid scheme, resulting in a collective loss exceeding €200,000. Authorities, including Interpol, are actively investigating the case, with three individuals already arrested in connection to this elaborate scam.

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Fire in Paphos District

Efforts to subdue the Paphos district fire include four fire engines on the ground and a fleet of five aircraft. Collaborative efforts involve the Fire Service, civil defence, local police, and forestry experts. Authorities are working tirelessly to protect the community and mitigate ecological damage.

emergency response community impact

Fire in Nicosia

In Nicosia, the fire department responded to a significant blaze in the reedbed areas, deploying two fire trucks and crews. Facing challenges due to dense vegetation and strong winds, firefighters worked on containing and extinguishing the fire, visible from various points in the vicinity.

safety investigation

Lakatamia Bomb Incident Under Scrutiny

In a latenight explosion that shook the quiet town of Lakatamia in Nicosia, a bomb detonated in a parking lot, damaging two vehicles belonging to local residents. Authorities are now investigating the incident, intensifying security measures to ensure public safety and restore community trust in the wake of this alarming event.

violence police response

Paphos Man Sought for Intentionally Driving into Another

In Emba, Paphos, a 59yearold man violently assaulted a 25yearold man near Ayios Charalambos church by striking him, throwing stones, and intentionally driving into his vehicle after a dispute. The victim sustained injuries, prompting a police search and community call for information to assist in the case.

weather alerts yellow weather warning

Understanding the Impact of a Yellow Weather Warning

The meteorology department has issued a yellow weather warning for Monday, signaling potentially hazardous conditions with intense storms and heavy rainfall. Residents are advised to secure outdoor furniture, clear gutters, and prepare an emergency kit with essentials like water, food, flashlights, and a first aid kit to stay safe during the upcoming weather event.

water supply infrastructure upgrades

Water Supply Disruptions in Larnaca

Residents in Larnaca will experience water supply disruptions due to the installation of a new pipeline to improve the local water infrastructure, affecting areas like Krasa and Vergina. The Larnaca Water Board advises residents to conserve water during this period, as the project is set to start on Tuesday and continue until Friday.

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