weather clouds

Weather Update: Shifting Skies

Residents of the region should prepare for shifting weather conditions throughout the week, with morning fog making way for intermittent clouds and the potential for isolated rainfall and rare storms in the afternoon. Temperatures will vary from 26°C inland to cooler conditions on the coasts and mountains, with evening mist and fog cooling temperatures significantly. The weekend outlook suggests persistent clouds and mild weather, so residents should have umbrellas on hand and dress in layers for sudden changes.

weather winds

Today’s Weather: Mostly Clear

Friday’s weather will bring mostly clear skies, perfect for soaking up some sunshine throughout the day. Be prepared for some strong winds up to five on the Beaufort scale, and as night falls, temperatures will drop to 5°C inland, 9°C on southeastern/northern coasts, and 11°C on other coasts.

weather rain

Today’s Weather: Partial Clouds, Rains, and Dust

Today’s weather in Cyprus will feature partial clouds, possible rains, and dust in the air. Temperatures will be mild, reaching 22°C inland, 20°C along the coast, and 13°C in the mountains. The extended forecast indicates a mix of clouds, rain, and even snow on mountaintops, with temperatures staying above average.

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