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bullying online platform

Empowering Children and Parents Against Bullying

Cyprus is exploring the launch of an online platform inspired by Greece to combat bullying, providing a safe space for children and parents to report incidents and track progress. The initiative aims to empower victims and foster a supportive environment by simplifying the reporting process and offering educational resources for those affected.

autism cyprus

Understanding Autism in Cyprus: The Journey Beyond Childhood

In Cyprus, autistic adults face a lack of postchildhood support, with limited programs and healthcare expertise available. However, hope emerges as the government plans to enhance conditions for individuals with autism, including better healthcare, education, and job programs, while NGOs and parents advocate for immediate support and change.

health transportation

OPAP Cyprus Continues Supporting Arodafnousa Palliative Care

OPAP Cyprus reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the Arodafnousa Palliative Care Centre by sponsoring room operations and providing dedicated buses for patient transportation since 2017. Through this support, extending to cover all governmentcontrolled regions of Cyprus, the company demonstrates a dedication to health, unity, and the wellbeing of cancer patients.

business support economic measures

Cyprus Employers Anticipate Business Support Measures

Cyprus employers, led by Oev and Keve, are eagerly anticipating a supportive business package from the government to sustain purchasing power, maintain growth rates, relieve past tax burdens, improve competitiveness, and contribute to economic stability and growth. The urgency for prompt action and the call for a clearlydefined support package highlight the importance of timely and targeted measures to aid businesses in Cyprus.

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