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Robbery Victim Entangled in Money Laundering Investigation

A robbery victim in Nicosia, claiming to have lost €420,000, was arrested for money laundering after authorities found her explanations for possessing large sums of cash insufficient. The 31yearold Ukrainian national faces charges of involvement with a criminal organization and conspiracy to commit a felony, shedding light on the shadowy world of financial crimes and the need for heightened vigilance against money laundering.

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Thousands Stolen in Limassol Armed Robbery

In Limassol, a party turned into a nightmare as four masked assailants armed with pistols and shortbarreled weapons robbed partygoers, shooting and injuring two individuals. Valuables worth €20,000 were stolen, prompting a police investigation and a plea for public assistance to identify the perpetrators.

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Nicosia Kiosk Robbery

The Nicosia kiosk robbery unfolded in the dead of night as two masked individuals stormed the establishment, with one wielding a knife to intimidate the staff while the other made off with the cash register. The brazen heist has left the community on edge, prompting a thorough investigation by the Nicosia CID to apprehend the unidentified suspects and prevent further incidents of this nature.

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Second Arrest for Armed Robbery

The armed robbery at a kiosk in Protaras resulted in the arrest of a 35yearold man from Paphos who confessed to the crime and a 33yearold woman who was apprehended at Larnaca airport while attempting to flee Cyprus. The arrests brought a sense of safety back to the community.

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