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Ancient Sites Rediscovered at British Bases

A team from the University of Leicester has rediscovered 46 ancient sites at the Dhekelia British military base in Cyprus, spanning the Bronze Age to Roman eras. The survey also revealed three coastal quarries, providing insights into ancient trade and infrastructure.

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Unearthing Insights at the Palloures Archaeological Symposium

The upcoming Palloures Archaeological Symposium will delve into various captivating topics, including the study of prehistoric excrement to gain insights into ancient diets, the exploration of cruciform figurines for a deeper understanding of prehistoric art and spirituality, the analysis of pottery to unveil ancient trade networks, the examination of botanical remains to understand prehistoric environments, and the excavation findings revealing the ancient urban developments of the Chalcolithic settlement of Palloures. The symposium will be held online, allowing individuals from all over the world to attend and learn about these fascinating discoveries.

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Unearthing History: Ancient Tomb Discovered in Limassol

During routine groundwork for water supply improvements in Limassol’s Tziamouda region, an ancient tomb was unexpectedly discovered, leading to a halt in construction and the start of archaeological investigations to protect the historical site. The discovery adds to Limassol’s rich history, with previous findings of late Bronze Age tombs in the area, and has resulted in the rescheduling of planned water supply disruptions.

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