1 greece-turkey relations

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Greece and Turkey Embark on a New Peaceful Chapter

In 2023, Greece and Turkey embarked on a new peaceful chapter, setting aside their historic tensions, notably over Cyprus. Turkish President Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis met in Athens to agree on maintaining peace, marking a hopeful era for regional stability.

1 greece-turkey relations

Greece and Turkey Strive for Harmonious Relations

The recent agreement between Greece and Turkey signifies a commitment to pursue harmonious relations and regional stability. Both countries have agreed to work through historical tensions by fostering a partnership of mutual respect and cooperation, aiming to facilitate constructive dialogue, address longstanding issues, and create a framework for future collaboration in areas such as trade, tourism, and cultural exchanges. This groundbreaking move has been welcomed by the international community with hope and cautious optimism, as it paves the way for deescalating regional tensions and sets a precedent for peace and cooperation in the region.

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