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AstroBank Achieves Record Profits in 2023

In 2023, AstroBank achieved a record aftertax profit of €30.4 million, a significant growth from €12.2 million in the previous year, reflecting a Return on Equity (RoE) jump to 13.9 percent and a robust capital adequacy ratio of 23.7 percent. The bank’s strategic management and digital innovation were key to this exceptional growth, establishing AstroBank as a key player in serving both entities and individual customers in Cyprus.

womanhood art

Touch(ed) by Plastic: A Bold Performance at Limassol Theatre

“Touch(ed)” at Limassol’s Rialto Theatre is a bold solo performance challenging societal norms about womanhood and art through movement, spoken word, and visual arts. This transgressive experience questions gender biases, monogamy, motherhood, and slutshaming, pushing the boundaries of acceptability in both art and life.

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Archbishop Georgios Addresses Monastery Misconduct

Archbishop Georgios addresses allegations of misconduct at the Osiou Avakoum monastery in Cyprus, including physical abuse and financial improprieties. He has issued an apology and pledged a thorough investigation to address the scandal and restore trust in the Church of Cyprus.

poetry slam poetry

Slam Poetry Is Back

The 7th International Poetry Slam in Cyprus brings together poets from near and far to compete in a highenergy showcase of spoken word artistry at ARTos House in Nicosia. A jury of esteemed connoisseurs, including filmmakers, writers, and artists, will crown the National Slam Champion and International Poetry Slam Cyprus winner after two nights of powerful performances that challenge norms and stir emotions.

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Eurobank Cyprus Achieves Record Profits in 2023

Eurobank Cyprus achieved record aftertax profits of €199.4 million in 2023, a 111% increase from the previous year, through operational efficiency, cost management, and strategic growth. The bank’s costtoincome ratio improved to 18%, capital adequacy ratios exceeded regulatory requirements, and it focused on digital transformation and wealth management, while adhering to ESG initiatives.

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A Family Show in Total Darkness

Get ready to be mesmerized by the magic of Prague’s Image Black Light Theatre as they tour Cyprus with their captivating blend of dance, pantomime, and visual illusions in complete darkness. With shows in Limassol, Nicosia, and Paphos from February 23 to 25, this multisensory experience promises to transport audiences into a world of wonder and creativity, where the invisible becomes visible and imagination knows no bounds.

1 financial performance

Hellenic Bank’s Impressive Financial Surge Amidst Economic Headwinds

Hellenic Bank has achieved impressive financial success in 2023, with aftertax profits reaching €240.7 million in the first nine months of the year. Key factors contributing to this success include higher interest income, a decrease in total expenses, strong capital ratios, a low nonperforming exposure ratio, credit rating upgrades, robust lending growth, and effective balance sheet management.

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