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Today’s Weather: Heat, Dust, and Haze

Today’s weather includes heat with temperatures reaching up to 32C inland and 25C28C in coastal regions, and haze with airborne dust. Isolated rains and possible storms are expected in the afternoon, especially in the mountains. Winds will be weak to moderate, and sea conditions somewhat rough. Evening temperatures will drop to 15C19C.

weather dust

A Glimpse at the Week’s Weather: A Mix of Sun, Dust, and Showers

The week’s weather forecast promises a dynamic mix of sun, dust, and showers, showcasing the Mediterranean climate’s unpredictability. From sunny skies to potential afternoon showers near mountains, temperatures ranging from 33°C inland to 22°C at higher elevations, and winds up to 4 Beaufort, it’s a week of varied weather patterns that keep us on our toes. Nighttime brings clearer skies with a chance of showers along the north coast, with temperatures cooling down to 15°C inland and warmer conditions persisting on the coasts, all amidst light winds and a sea that shifts from calm to slightly rough, creating a serene backdrop for nocturnal activities.

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A Dusty Day Ahead as Temperatures Soar

Get ready for a scorching day ahead as temperatures climb to 30 degrees Celsius on the island’s inland, south, and east coasts, with the west and north coasts hitting 28 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and seek shade as the heat wave rolls in, while the mountains offer a cooler escape at 21 degrees Celsius. Nighttime brings relief with temperatures dropping to 19 degrees inland and along the coast, and 16 in the mountains.

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Exploring AI’s Role in Our Lives: A Joint Lecture by Tepak and Famagusta Chamber of Commerce

The joint lecture by Tepak and Famagusta Chamber of Commerce dived deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), focusing on how technologies like Chat GPT impact our daily routines and business sectors. With experts like Sotiris Hatzis highlighting AI’s potential and Charalambos Manolis emphasizing its relevance in various sectors, the event aimed to bridge academia and industry to foster informed communities.

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Cyprus Business Now: A Year of Achievements

In the past year, Cyprus has achieved several significant milestones in its business sector. The Bank of Cyprus was honored as the “Bank of the Year” by The Banker, while Keve elected Stavros Stavrou as its new president. Cyprus was also reelected to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Council, and the Cyprus Stock Exchange reported a profit increase, indicating a resilient market.

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Cyprus Set to Join Schengen Area by 2024

Cyprus aims to join the Schengen Area by 2024, according to Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, as part of the nation’s strategic action plan. This goal aligns with Cyprus’ broader objectives for growth, regional cooperation, and a stronger presence within the European Union, with the ministry allocating a significant budget for 2024 to address the Cyprus problem and establish favorable conditions for reunification.

1 cyprus chamber of commerce and industry (keve)

A New Era for Cyprus Business: Stavros Stavrou’s Vision for the Chamber of Commerce

Stavros Stavrou, a dedicated and forwardthinking leader, aims to bring prosperity to Cyprus through his vision for the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE). With a focus on Larnaca’s tourism, transformative infrastructure projects, and addressing labor shortages and the challenges of the Green Transition, Stavrou advocates for progress, entrepreneurship, and strategic policies to shape Cyprus’s economic future.

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