1 cyprus chamber of commerce and industry (keve)

1 cyprus

Cyprus Set to Join Schengen Area by 2024

Cyprus aims to join the Schengen Area by 2024, according to Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, as part of the nation’s strategic action plan. This goal aligns with Cyprus’ broader objectives for growth, regional cooperation, and a stronger presence within the European Union, with the ministry allocating a significant budget for 2024 to address the Cyprus problem and establish favorable conditions for reunification.

1 cyprus chamber of commerce and industry (keve)

A New Era for Cyprus Business: Stavros Stavrou’s Vision for the Chamber of Commerce

Stavros Stavrou, a dedicated and forwardthinking leader, aims to bring prosperity to Cyprus through his vision for the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE). With a focus on Larnaca’s tourism, transformative infrastructure projects, and addressing labor shortages and the challenges of the Green Transition, Stavrou advocates for progress, entrepreneurship, and strategic policies to shape Cyprus’s economic future.

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