fraud investigation

Forged Documents Lead to Arrests in Limassol

In Limassol, two individuals were arrested for document fraud after a package with a fake European driver’s license was intercepted at a local courier company. The suspects, aged 43 and 44, are now detained to aid in the ongoing investigation and prevent evidence tampering, showcasing the authorities’ commitment to combatting such crimes and ensuring public safety.

internet etiquette online misconduct

The Call for Internet Etiquette to Become Enforceable by Law

The AttorneyGeneral of Cyprus, George Savvides, advocates for criminalizing offensive or threatening online behavior to align with physical world consequences, aiming to balance freedom of expression with protection from harm in the digital age. The proposed legislation seeks to maintain justice and societal standards, bridging the gap between online actions and their tangible repercussions.

migration asylum seekers

Army Camps as Potential Housing for Asylum Seekers

The government of Cyprus is considering using army camps to house asylum seekers due to a surge in arrivals overwhelming existing facilities like the Pournara reception center. Facing challenges of capacity and resources, Cyprus seeks a delicate balance between humanitarian assistance and national interests amidst a growing number of migrants seeking refuge.

local government reform administrative autonomy

Local Government Reform: A Strategic Gamble for a Better Cyprus

Cyprus’s local government reform aims to achieve administrative autonomy, financial sustainability, cultural growth, and digital integration for a more responsive and futureready administration, led by President Nikos Christodoulides. The strategic gamble of this transformation is poised to reshape the nation’s governance, with initiatives like the Mediterranean Artists’ Park and plans for a university in Larnaca highlighting the vision for a vibrant, educational, and environmentally conscious future.

crime prevention law enforcement

Activities of the Limassol Police Department for the Prevention and Suppression of Crime

The Limassol Police Department’s recent operations aimed at preventing crime resulted in the inspection of 806 individuals and 768 vehicles, leading to four arrests, including two with outstanding warrants. Alongside enforcing traffic safety with 118 complaints and 27 DUIs, the department’s ongoing commitment to public security is evident in their comprehensive efforts to maintain order and safety in Limassol.

police investigation road safety awareness

Police investigating mysterious road death

A man was found dead on PalaichoriNicosia Road after a collision involving his car and a water tanker, sparking a mysterious death investigation by the police. Authorities are seeking witnesses to uncover the truth behind the incident and improve road safety in the community.

economy cyprus

Surge in Bounced Cheques Hits Cyprus

The surge in bounced cheques in Cyprus, totaling €115,376 in Q1 2024, signals financial distress and undermines economic stability, prompting close monitoring by the Central Bank of Cyprus. The increase in bounced cheques not only affects the individuals and businesses involved but also raises concerns about transaction confidence and overall economic health.

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