environmental concerns construction activities

Ecological Concerns Rise Over Akamas Road Work Debacle

The Akamas road work has sparked ecological concerns due to road widening exceeding environmental plans—10 meters instead of the agreed 6 meters—threatening the biodiversity of this Natura 2000 site. The construction lacked proper oversight, with evidence of environmental guidelines being violated, prompting a halt in activities and an investigation to enforce accountability and protect Akamas’ natural heritage. The situation has drawn the attention of auditors and highranking officials, with conflicting responses from government entities. The lack of environmental supervision and potential claims for compensation from the construction firm further complicate the scenario. The future of Akamas now hinges on the promised investigation by the president, as concerned citizens and environmental advocates hope for accountability and the safeguarding of the natural heritage of Akamas.

housing finance corporation loan management

Housing Finance Corporation: New Horizons in Loan Management

The Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) has been granted the power to purchase performing loans and sell nonperforming loans, enabling it to actively manage its loan portfolio. With 44 percent of its total loans classified as nonperforming, this new law allows the HFC to tackle the challenge of NPLs and strengthen its financial foundation.

fire safety emergency response

Incident at Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital Raises Concerns

A fire broke out at Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital, causing injuries to some patients who were quickly evacuated and accounted for. Two individuals required urgent medical care. An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the fire, highlighting the importance of fire safety in healthcare facilities.

strategic healthcare planning capacity planning

Strategic Healthcare Planning: A Priority for Cyprus

Strategic healthcare planning in Cyprus is focused on establishing robust supervision mechanisms, capacity planning, enhancing healthcare through EU collaboration and legislative advances, and preparing for future challenges, including potential medical staff shortages. It aims to optimize the healthcare workforce and integrate technology for comprehensive health data analysis, with a proactive stance on role enhancement and addressing the evolving health needs of the population.

property sales real estate acquisition

Property Sale Restrictions in Northern Cyprus

The interior minister of Northern Cyprus, Dursun Oguz, has announced plans to introduce new restrictions on property purchases by thirdcountry nationals, in an effort to address concerns over “dark money” and ensure investment transparency. The proposed legislation aims to slow down foreign real estate investment and tackle demographic concerns, with a focus on market order and sustainability.

salary deductions wage disputes

Unrest Amongst Prison Guards Over Salary Deductions

Prison guards in Cyprus are protesting substantial pay cuts, some up to €1,200, imposed due to uncompleted mandatory state examinations. The guards, supported by the Isotita and Pasydy trade unions, argue that the deductions violate their rights and have taken legal action, seeking reversal of these measures and salary restitution.

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