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Britain Mulling Sending Gaza Aid via Cyprus

Britain is considering using its bases in Cyprus to provide aid to Gaza, with proposals including the use of landing craft for shortterm solutions and potentially constructing a floating platform or specialized port for longerterm aid delivery. Cyprus is actively working on establishing a humanitarian sea corridor and has garnered interest from other member states.

1 unilateral declaration of independence (udi)

North Celebrates 40 Years Since UDI

The 40th anniversary of the UDI in Northern Cyprus is marked by controversy and differing perspectives. Turkish officials celebrate the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, while the south sees it as a reminder of division and a breach of international law, advocating for a peaceful resolution through a bicommunal federation.

violence football hooligans

Over One Hundred Football Hooligans Engage in Limassol Brawl

Over one hundred hooded individuals engaged in a brawl near Omonia football club premises in Limassol, resulting in one injury and damage to property. The melee involved makeshift weapons, and one car was set on fire. Police intervention led to chaos as two groups exchanged rocks and firecrackers. Investigations are ongoing.

1 online booking concerns

Navigating Accommodation: The Division of Cyprus and Online Booking Concerns

Tourists booking accommodations in Cyprus often face confusion due to the island’s division between the Turkishcontrolled north and the internationally recognized south. Online platforms fail to clarify where properties are located, potentially leaving travelers without guaranteed consumer rights in an “illegal environment.” Transparency and informed decisions are crucial for consumer protection.

technology innovation

Cyprus Showcases Advantages as a Hub for Foreign Businesses in London

Cyprus is emerging as an attractive hub for foreign businesses, thanks to its skilled workforce, modern legal system, low costs, transparent tax regime, and strategic location within the EU and Eurozone. The government offers tax incentives and initiatives like “digital nomad” visas to attract businesses, making Cyprus a flourishing environment for technology and innovative companies.

terrorism security

New Police Terrorism Unit Established

In response to the escalating conflict in Gaza, the Cyprus Police Force has established a new Terrorism Unit to prevent terrorist activities targeting Palestinian and Israeli communities on the island. The unit’s mission includes recording and analyzing data related to aggression, preempting potential terror events, and ensuring citizen safety by implementing enhanced security measures and focusing on operational security.

1 arson

Comprehensive Details on the Limassol Arson and Burglary Case

On July 2021, 2021, Limassol experienced a series of crimes including arson, burglary, theft, and conspiracy. Two suspects, aged 31 and 33, were arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison. A 37yearold suspect was recently apprehended, but a 39yearold man is still at large, and the police seek public assistance to capture him.

armed robbery investigation

Second Arrest for Armed Robbery

The armed robbery at a kiosk in Protaras resulted in the arrest of a 35yearold man from Paphos who confessed to the crime and a 33yearold woman who was apprehended at Larnaca airport while attempting to flee Cyprus. The arrests brought a sense of safety back to the community.

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