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Cypriot Foreign Minister’s Visit to Israel Aims to Establish Humanitarian Corridor

The Cypriot Foreign Minister, Constantinos Kombos, visited Israel to propose the establishment of a maritime humanitarian corridor for Gaza, aiming to provide immediate, medium, and longterm humanitarian aid to the crisisstricken region. Discussions were held with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and counterpart Eli Cohen to address the aftermath of recent attacks and strengthen ties between the two nations, while Cyprus continues to work on a comprehensive implementation plan for the corridor.

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North the ‘new Limassol’, awash with Russian money

The north of Cyprus, particularly Trikomo (Iskele), has become known as the “new Limassol” due to a surge of Russian capital and people seeking a “sanctionsfree life”. Around 39,000 Russians have relocated to the area, transforming it culturally and economically, and posing new challenges for educators and locals.

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Celebrations begin in north over ‘TRNC’ anniversary

Celebrations have begun in the north of Cyprus to mark the 40year anniversary of the unilateral declaration of the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)’. Leader Ersin Tatar highlighted the TRNC’s growth and aspirations for international recognition, while Turkey’s President Erdoğan supported their cause.

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Honoring Glafcos Clerides: A Decade Since His Passing

Honoring Glafcos Clerides: A Decade Since His Passing Glafcos Clerides is remembered for his pivotal role in Cyprus’s history, shaping its European destiny and tirelessly working towards the reunification of the island. A decade after his passing, his political legacy continues to inspire and guide Cyprus, with his vision sustained by the political party Disy. Clerides’ efforts represent a future for a peaceful, united Cyprus within the European Union.

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State medics call for safety after further attack

State medics are demanding strict security measures in healthcare facilities after a series of violent incidents, including stonethrowing and physical assaults on staff. The urgent plea emphasizes the need for a zerotolerance policy towards aggression and a safe working environment for healthcare professionals.

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Mouflons beaten by old rivals Malta

In the recent Europe Rugby XV Conference Pool D match, Malta emerged victorious against the Cyprus national rugby team, known as the Mouflons, with a final score that reflected Malta’s strong defense and successful efforts to maintain their lead despite the Mouflons’ secondhalf comeback. Despite their commendable efforts, the Mouflons were unable to secure a win, but they will regroup and return for future matches.

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Understanding Patient Rights: Access to Medical Records in Cyprus

In Cyprus, patients have the right to access and examine their medical records under Article 17, free of charge for the first copy as per GDPR. This includes viewing or obtaining a copy and the ability to correct information. Rights include nondiscriminatory healthcare access, confidentiality, and understanding personal medical data.

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