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1 central bank of cyprus (cbc)

Central Bank Defends Policies After ‘Cyprus Confidential’ Reports

The Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) has responded to the ‘Cyprus Confidential’ reports by severing ties with 42,728 shell companies and closing around 125,782 bank accounts since the end of 2018, conducting audits, probes, and monitoring to combat financial misuse and ensure compliance with international sanctions. The CBC’s actions come in the wake of allegations that Cypriot banks were used to manage over $31 billion of Russian money, sparking a global investigation into corruption and sanctions evasion.

romance history

Cyprus’ Romantic Allure: A Haven for Lovers and History Buffs Alike

Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, captivates lovers and history enthusiasts with its mythical connection to the goddess of love, historical landmarks like the Rock of Aphrodite, and the allure of royal weddings. With a blend of mythology, history, and natural beauty, Cyprus promises an enchanting experience steeped in love’s legacy that lingers long after the journey ends.

1 transplant clinic

Exclusive Services at Nicosia General’s Transplant Clinic

Nicosia General’s Transplant Clinic in Cyprus offers exclusive lifesaving kidney and pancreas transplants, including for incompatible blood groups, using advanced plasmapheresis. The clinic provides comprehensive care, general surgeries, and minimally invasive procedures for living donors, supporting over 500 patients annually with a dedicated team and a commitment to excellence and international collaboration.

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Demolition of Unsafe Refugee Housing Set to Commence

The Ktizo initiative in Latsia aims to demolish unsafe refugee housing and provide grants for relocation to safer, newly built apartments or subsidies for private renting. The demolition process is set to begin soon, with 43 complexes marked for destruction, reflecting the community’s commitment to engaging with this transformation process.

1 leventis municipal museum

Get Creative at Leventis Municipal Museum

The Leventis Municipal Museum in Nicosia is hosting a variety of events this month, including a book sale with coffee, an architectural walk, and a candlemaking workshop. These engaging activities offer a chance to explore history, literature, and craftsmanship, making the museum a mustvisit for culture enthusiasts in the heart of old Nicosia.

diplomatic efforts middle east

Cypriot Foreign Minister’s Visit to Israel Aims to Establish Humanitarian Corridor

The Cypriot Foreign Minister, Constantinos Kombos, visited Israel to propose the establishment of a maritime humanitarian corridor for Gaza, aiming to provide immediate, medium, and longterm humanitarian aid to the crisisstricken region. Discussions were held with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and counterpart Eli Cohen to address the aftermath of recent attacks and strengthen ties between the two nations, while Cyprus continues to work on a comprehensive implementation plan for the corridor.

russian money sanctions

North the ‘new Limassol’, awash with Russian money

The north of Cyprus, particularly Trikomo (Iskele), has become known as the “new Limassol” due to a surge of Russian capital and people seeking a “sanctionsfree life”. Around 39,000 Russians have relocated to the area, transforming it culturally and economically, and posing new challenges for educators and locals.

turkish republic of northern cyprus (trnc) ersin tatar

Celebrations begin in north over ‘TRNC’ anniversary

Celebrations have begun in the north of Cyprus to mark the 40year anniversary of the unilateral declaration of the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)’. Leader Ersin Tatar highlighted the TRNC’s growth and aspirations for international recognition, while Turkey’s President Erdoğan supported their cause.

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