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real estate data analytics technology

Google Maps Co-Founder Backs Cypriot Analytics Firm

Lars Rasmussen, cofounder of Google Maps, has made a strategic investment in Ask Wire, a Cypriot real estate data analytics firm, signaling a significant endorsement of their innovative datadriven approach. This partnership aims to revolutionize decisionmaking in the real estate industry through the use of technology and data, paving the way for intuitive strategies enhanced by actionable insights.

international relations cultural heritage

Turkish Cypriot Representatives Engage in Key European Council Discussions

The participation of Turkish Cypriot representatives, Oguzhan Hasipoglu and Armagan Candan, in European Council discussions is a crucial step towards international collaboration. By engaging in dialogues on sports, cultural heritage, sustainable development, and more, they are advocating for their community on a global stage and bridging gaps in international relations. Their involvement not only strengthens their region’s international presence but also contributes to the shaping of policies with farreaching implications beyond their immediate borders.

1 cyprus computer society

Cyprus Computer Society Announces Informatics Olympiad — International Achievements Celebrated

The Cyprus Computer Society has announced the upcoming Cyprus Olympiad in Informatics, a coding competition for secondary education students held from December 22, 2023, to January 08, 2024. This platform aims to nurture the future tech pioneers of Cyprus and prepare them for international contests by providing resources such as free preparatory classes and online information for participants.

1 alcohol consumption among minors

Stricter Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors, Says Law Commissioner

Louiza Zannetou, the Law Commissioner, has proposed stricter penalties for those providing alcohol to minors in Cyprus, including longer prison terms and higher fines. She also calls for improved law enforcement transparency, preventive education campaigns targeting businesses and parents, and a collaborative effort between government, law enforcement, and community organizations to combat underage drinking.

1 restaurant review

Restaurant Review: Watar Ziryab, Larnaca

Located in Larnaca, Watar Ziryab offers a unique dining experience with its rooftop setting and panoramic views of St Lazarus church. The menu features a fusion of traditional Jordanian cuisine and international flavors, although the service may need improvement.

1) sustainability

BoC Signatory to UN Principles for Responsible Banking

The Bank of Cyprus has become a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and aligning its business strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. By joining this global banking community, the bank aims to contribute to a sustainable and equitable future, while also identifying risks and opportunities presented by sustainability and taking responsibility for its actions.

electronic health records digitized health records

Advancing National Health: Cyprus Introduces Electronic Health Records

Cyprus is revolutionizing its healthcare system by introducing electronic health records for all citizens, establishing a “National electronic health bank,” and launching the myHealth@cy mobile app. This initiative aims to digitize health records, improve accessibility and update regularity, and ensure secure storage, while emphasizing patientcentered care and healthcare equality.

1 cyprus airways

Cyprus Airways Launches Direct Flights to Brussels

Cyprus Airways has launched direct flights to Brussels, with plans to increase the frequency to three times a week by summer 2024. They have also announced new flights to Nice, France, starting on December 12, 2023, operating twice a week, enhancing connectivity and offering unique travel experiences.

1 bus safety enhancements

Transport Minister Addresses Bus Safety Enhancements

The Transport Minister has mandated that bus companies submit a timeline for equipping their fleets with fire extinguishing equipment. An expert committee is evaluating potential safety systems, suitable also for air transport, for quick adoption. Additionally, 29 school buses are awaiting certification for their automatic fire extinguishing systems before resuming service. The immobilization of buses has had a significant impact on school transportation, with approximately 3,000 school pupils affected by the shortage. However, there is optimism that the situation will improve with the imminent arrival of fire safety equipment and the addition of 21 new buses for intercity travel.

labor exploitation illegal employment practices

Labor Exploitation on Cyprus Farms: A Growing Concern

Labor exploitation on Cyprus farms is a growing concern, with authorities uncovering instances of illegal employment practices involving vulnerable workers. This trend extends to other sectors as well, emphasizing the need for stricter enforcement of labor laws and protections for workers’ rights.

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