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Today’s Weather: Mostly Clear

Friday’s weather will bring mostly clear skies, perfect for soaking up some sunshine throughout the day. Be prepared for some strong winds up to five on the Beaufort scale, and as night falls, temperatures will drop to 5°C inland, 9°C on southeastern/northern coasts, and 11°C on other coasts.

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Today’s Weather: Wet and Windy

Today in Cyprus, the weather will be wet and windy with rain and isolated thunderstorms moving across the regions. Temperatures will range from 21C inland to 23C in the north, 22C in other coastal areas, and 12C in the mountains. Winds will vary from weak to strong, reaching up to 5 Beaufort, and mariners should exercise caution as seas will be rough.

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A Glimpse into Current Climatic Conditions

Friday will be mostly sunny with temperatures reaching 23 degrees Celsius, while mountain areas will see around 12 degrees Celsius. Winds will be gentle, between 3 and 4 Beaufort, and the sea will be calm to slightly rough. The weekend promises clear skies with occasional cloudiness and mild conditions continuing into Monday.

weather temperatures

Forecast Snapshot: Mixed Skies with a Clear Twist

The upcoming weather forecast will bring a mix of conditions, with temperatures ranging from a comfortable 21C in lowland areas to a cooler 12C in the mountains. Winds will shift from northsouth to westerly and will be moderate in strength. Clear skies post dusk will lead to a dip in temperatures, especially in high mountains, with the weekend expected to be bright and mostly clear with temperatures above the seasonal average.

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