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Potamos Liopetri Harbour: A Natural Jewel in Jeopardy

Potamos Liopetri harbour in Cyprus is under threat from illegal waste dumping, jeopardizing its natural beauty and wildlife. The local community is calling for action to protect this Special Protection Area from further environmental degradation and preserve its ecological significance.

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Devastating Blaze in Ayios Sylas Incinerates Local Fauna

The devastating blaze in Ayios Sylas ravaged five square kilometers, leaving a trail of destruction that decimated local fauna and businesses. Suspected as arson, recovery efforts are underway to support the affected community and ecosystem, highlighting the need for increased protection of vulnerable areas.

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Cyprus: A Flamboyant Flamingo Paradise

Cyprus, especially the salt lake in Larnaca and the small lake Gülseren in Famagusta, is a favorite stopover for tens of thousands of flamingos during their migration between November and March. These lakes provide a perfect habitat for flamingos, making Cyprus a vibrant spectacle of flamingo activity. The flamingos’ vivid plumage against the backdrop of these beautiful locales is a mustsee for any wildlife enthusiast or amateur birdwatcher. In addition to flamingos, Famagusta offers vibrant celebrations, community harmony, and cultural events, making it a diverse and exciting destination for all.

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BirdLife Cyprus Film Screening: A Must-See Documentary Event

🎥 BirdLife Cyprus is hosting a film screening event featuring the documentary, “The Messenger,” directed by Su Rynard. Join us on Wednesday, December 7 at 7 pm at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in South Nicosia. This enlightening documentary sheds light on the struggles of birds and emphasizes their importance in the ecosystem and human life. Secure your spot by calling 00357 22 455072. 🐦📽️

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