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Dry Winter Forecasts Challenging Summer Ahead

In response to a dry winter raising wildfire and drought risks, fire prevention season has been extended from April to November, with increased public awareness campaigns and stricter legal penalties for firerelated offenses. Authorities have improved resource preparedness with wellstaffed fire stations, aerial surveillance, and advanced fire detection systems, emphasizing community vigilance and involvement to combat the challenges ahead.

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Forestry Department Ready for Fire Season

The Forestry Department is gearing up for fire season with new helicopters, leased aircraft, drones, and ground support vehicles to respond swiftly to wildfires. These proactive measures are aimed at enhancing community safety and preventing the devastating impact of forest fires.

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Preparations Stepped Up Ahead of Wildfire Season

As the wildfire season approaches, the government is ramping up preparations with 259 new firefighters hired and a modern fire and crisis management system in place. Infrastructure improvements including new fire stations and upgrades are also part of the strategy to enhance fire safety across the country.

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