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Celebrating Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit Festival Revitalizes Limassol

The Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in Limassol is a holistic health event held at St Raphael Hotel, featuring over 80 workshops, seminars, and classes aimed at rejuvenation and personal growth. With a marketplace of 70 exhibitors and free access to sessions with a €15 entrance ticket, the festival welcomes wellness enthusiasts of all levels to immerse themselves in a transformative experience on the first weekend of December.

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Yoga in North Cyprus: A Journey Towards Wellness

Get ready to embark on a journey towards wellness with Yoga Yama in North Cyprus! Founded by Sibel Saraçoğlu, it offers various yoga classes, meditation workshops, life coaching, breathing techniques, and Pilates in bright, spacious rooms located in Kyrenia. Choose from larger classes or private lessons tailored to your preferences. Plus, with multiple yoga venues throughout Cyprus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice this holistic exercise for the body and soul. yogaincyprus wellnessjourney yogayama

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