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Low Water Levels in Dams as Fear of Shortage Looms

Water levels in various dams across the region are nearing critical lows, with reservoirs like Kouris and Argaka at less than half their capacity. This stark decline, coupled with the approaching dry season, raises concerns of potential drought conditions and impacts on agriculture and public water supply.

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Managing Water Scarcity for Agriculture in Cyprus

Cyprus is addressing water scarcity by implementing a strategic threeyear plan that includes targeted water cuts for agriculture and maximizing output from desalination plants. With water levels at a decade low, the government is prioritizing essential water usage and balancing conservation efforts for longterm sustainability.

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Cyprus Water Reservoir Levels Witness Significant Decline

Cyprus’s water reservoirs are currently at 46 percent capacity, a significant decline from the previous year’s 68 percent due to lowerthanaverage water inflow. Proactive measures, including desalination and water conservation, are being employed to address the scarcity and ensure the island’s water supply.

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Alarming Low Water Levels in Cyprus Reservoirs

🚨 Alarming news from Cyprus: despite significant rainfall, water levels in 18 reservoirs across the region have reached under 20% capacity, raising concerns about potential drought situations as the long, dry summer season approaches. Turkish officials have delayed the launch of an ambitious water transportation project to alleviate water scarcity issues in Northern Cyprus. The project aims to transport 75 million cubic meters of water annually from Turkey to Northern Cyprus and is set to launch on July 20. Let’s hope this provides muchneeded relief for the region! 💧 watercrisis cyprus northerncyprus

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