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Ninety-three New Projects to Combat Water Shortage

Ninetythree new projects are set to combat water scarcity in Cyprus, as part of a €1.17 billion national investment plan. These projects include new reservoirs, desalination units, smart water meters, and infrastructure upgrades to ensure efficient water management and urban water security.

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Understanding the New Water Carbon Tax

The new water carbon tax, set at one cent per cubic meter of water used, aims to promote ecofriendly water usage and align with global sustainability goals. It forms part of a wider strategy to implement green taxes and reduce the environmental impact of water consumption, highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts and awareness about water scarcity.

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Cyprus Water Reservoir Levels Witness Significant Decline

Cyprus’s water reservoirs are currently at 46 percent capacity, a significant decline from the previous year’s 68 percent due to lowerthanaverage water inflow. Proactive measures, including desalination and water conservation, are being employed to address the scarcity and ensure the island’s water supply.

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