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The Womanly Face of War

“The Womanly Face of War” art exhibit showcases war posters by female artists, honoring Ukrainian women’s resilience during conflict. It aims to foster empathy, solidarity, and commemorate women’s historical contributions to war narratives worldwide.

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Exhibition on Women’s War Experiences in Ukraine Opens in Limassol

“The Womanly Face of War” exhibition in Limassol sheds light on Ukrainian women’s experiences during the conflict, showcasing 30 works by nine artists. Organized by the US Embassy and Sunseed Art, it coincides with International Women’s Day and the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the resilience and strength of women in war.

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Global Initiative to End Violence Against Women

The Global Initiative to End Violence Against Women aims to combat the pervasive issue of violence against women, with nearly one in three women worldwide having experienced physical or sexual violence. The initiative calls for robust legal protections, comprehensive data, and a unified effort to address this global problem, highlighting the need for enhanced legislative action, improved gathering of statistical data, and the inclusion of gender considerations in all matters affecting women’s lives.

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Addressing the Unseen Pandemic: Efforts to Combat Violence Against Women

Efforts to combat violence against women include raising awareness, legal reforms prioritizing victim protection, free legal aid, education on domestic violence, and advocacy for better workplace conditions. Dedicated committees advocate for these changes to support and empower victims, aiming to break the cycle of abuse. Violence against women remains one of the gravest violations of human rights across the globe, with one in three women worldwide experiencing physical or sexual violence. Femicide, the murder of women because of their gender, is the tragic result of chronic abuse. A proactive committee has been working for 27 years to prevent and combat domestic violence, implementing important strategies and advocating for legal and social reforms. Access to free legal aid and education on domestic violence are critical in supporting victims and breaking the cycle of abuse. The committee remains committed to defending the rights of female victims and spearheading initiatives to bring about real change.

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Urgent Call to Address Violence Against Women in the North

The Turkish Cypriot police in the North have implemented a zerotolerance policy towards violence against women, with a specialized branch established in 2018 and extended across the region by 2021. With 831 complaints already registered this year, the police are committed to immediate evaluation and sensitive investigation of all reports, emphasizing their zerotolerance stance and rapid legal action. Meanwhile, the government has invested in 40 electric vehicles, setting an example for sustainability and future green technology adoption.

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