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Seeking Shade: Nicosia’s Summer Heat Challenge

Nicosia is tackling its scorching summer heat by boosting tree coverage and implementing various initiatives, such as portable shades, indoor vegetation, and communal cooling centers. With only four percent of its area shaded by trees, the city’s move towards a greener future aims to combat the urban heat island effect and create a more habitable environment for its residents.

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Nicosia Achieves Top Five Status in European Mobility

Nicosia surged to fifth place in the 2023 European Mobility Week awards, showcasing its dedication to sustainable mobility and urban environmental stewardship. Through prioritizing public transport, cycling, and walking, the city sets a high standard for sustainable urban planning, earning recognition among 65 European cities.

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Limassol to Host Cyprus’ Tallest Tower

Limassol is gearing up to host Cyprus’ tallest tower, the Aura by Shacolas project, standing at 181.5 meters with 44 floors, designed by Foster + Partners. The luxurious highrise will not only feature 136 exclusive apartments but also add public spaces like a gallery and 300 parking spots, enriching the city’s infrastructure and economy.

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Crazy Parking Spots Near Primary School

Recent parking space redesignations near Dasoupolis elementary school in Strovolos have raised safety concerns due to narrowed roads, posing a risk for traffic accidents, especially for school buses. The community urges local authorities to reassess and potentially reorganize these parking spots for the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and students.

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