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Historic Resolution in Turkish Parliament Advocates for Two-State Approach in Cyprus

The recent resolution adopted by the Turkish parliament regarding the Cyprus conflict advocates for a twostate approach, emphasizing the sovereign equality of the Turkish Cypriot people and supporting international recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an independent state. This historic legislative move marks a departure from previous efforts for a bicommunal federation, signaling a clear stance on permanent division over unity under a federal structure in Cyprus.

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Holguin’s Goals Block Out Two States

The Republic of Cyprus, with the support of UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin, stands against a twostate solution for the Cyprus issue, advocating for a unified Cyprus within the EU. Diplomatic efforts under Holguin’s guidance aim to restart negotiations for a mutually beneficial resolution, pushing back against Turkish demands for division.

cyprus two-state solution

Calls for North’s ‘Parliament’ to Advocate for Two-State Solution

In a bold move, ‘transport minister’ Erhan Arikli of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has proposed a resolution advocating for a twostate solution to the Cyprus issue, diverging from the historical commitment to a federal solution. This symbolic gesture could have profound implications for the island’s political future and international relations.

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UN Envoy to Cyprus Faces No Preconditions

The UN envoy’s visit to Cyprus comes without preset terms and conditions, as President Nikos Christodoulides refuses to operate under the limitations set by the northern officials. Tensions rise as the Turkish Cypriot side seeks a twostate solution, while the Cypriot government hopes for renewed dialogue under the UN envoy’s facilitation.

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