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Tensions in Cyprus: A Call for EU Neutrality

Tensions in Cyprus have risen with Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar calling for EU neutrality in the Cyprus dispute. He criticizes the EU’s favoritism towards the Greek Cypriot side and urges recognition of the Turkish Cypriot community’s sovereign equality to end their isolation.

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Tatar’s Visit to Ankara and Prospects for Turkic Unity

Ersin Tatar’s visit to Ankara underscores the TRNC’s commitment to Turkic unity and a twostate solution to the Cyprus issue, signaling a potential elevation in global standing. With strategic alliances forming and key regional meetings on the horizon, Tatar’s diplomatic efforts pave the way for increased international recognition and involvement for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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North denies hosting terrorists plotting to attack Israelis

Turkish Cypriot leaders strongly deny Israeli claims that Iran is using Northern Cyprus to plan terrorist attacks against Israelis, maintaining that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) stands against terrorism and has tight security measures in place. The TRNC views Israel’s accusations as unfounded and diversionary, asserting its commitment to peace and security within its jurisdiction.

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