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Limassol’s Traffic Quagmire: A Call for Immediate Action

Limassol’s traffic congestion threatens the city’s livability, prompting Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades to advocate for immediate action. Proposed solutions include the implementation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan by 2026, the introduction of a Park & Ride service, installation of smart traffic lights, and consideration of a new highway to alleviate the current gridlock.

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The Growing Need for Alternatives to Private Vehicles in Cyprus

🚗🚦 The Growing Need for Alternatives to Private Vehicles in Cyprus 🚗🚦 Are you tired of sitting in traffic? The Ministry of Transport in Cyprus is taking action to tackle the issue of traffic congestion in urban centers like Nicosia and Limassol. They are focusing on enhancing mass transportation systems by increasing service frequency, introducing new routes, and improving transportation for people with disabilities. Initiatives like the “Park and Ride” program, which swiftly transports citizens from parking locations to urban centers, are already showing promising results. Stay tuned for future developments and potential solutions to make your commute smoother! 🚌🛵🚲💨

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