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Eased Burden: New Legislation Lowers Traffic Fines

The new legislative changes regarding traffic fines aim to lessen the financial strain on motorists while maintaining road safety. For example, fines for some violations, such as stopping on a pedestrian zebra crossing, have been significantly reduced, making them more manageable for drivers.

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Abuses in Gesy, €80,000 in fines

In a sweeping crackdown on healthcare fraud, Cyprus’ Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) levied €80,000 in fines against over 40 health service providers for abusing the national health service, Gesy. Through over 350 case examinations and the rejection of 80,000 improper requests, nearly €10 million was saved, as the HIO intensifies efforts to maintain system integrity.

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Proposal to Reduce Traffic Fines Sparks Debate

The House transport committee, led by Marinos Mousiouttas, has proposed reducing red light violation fines from €300 to €150 for firsttime offenders, with a standard €300 fine for repeat offenses within three years. This proposal is part of an effort to create a fairer penalty system for traffic violations and encourage road safety.

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