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Weather Update: Shifting Skies

Residents of the region should prepare for shifting weather conditions throughout the week, with morning fog making way for intermittent clouds and the potential for isolated rainfall and rare storms in the afternoon. Temperatures will vary from 26°C inland to cooler conditions on the coasts and mountains, with evening mist and fog cooling temperatures significantly. The weekend outlook suggests persistent clouds and mild weather, so residents should have umbrellas on hand and dress in layers for sudden changes.

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Today’s Weather: Possible Isolated Storms

This weekend’s forecast includes possible isolated storms with a yellow weather warning in effect, bringing peak temperatures of 25°C inland, 22°C on the coasts, and 16°C in the mountains on Saturday. Nighttime temperatures will drop to 10°C inland, 12°C on the coasts, and 6°C in the mountains, with Sunday continuing with cloudy skies, isolated rain showers, and potential storms, along with a cooling trend.

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Warm Weather Trends Continue

The island is set for a weekend of warm weather, with inland areas reaching a high of 31 degrees Celsius and coastal regions a slightly cooler 27 degrees. Clear skies and calm winds are expected, providing the perfect conditions for outdoor activities or a leisurely day in the sunshine.

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Hazy and Mild Conditions Prevail

Hazy skies and mild temperatures dominate this week’s weather forecast. Inland areas will reach a comfortable 26C, while coastal regions and mountain areas will experience slightly cooler conditions. Winds will be light to moderate, and caution is advised for maritime activities due to rough sea conditions. Evening temperatures will drop, with clearer weather expected.

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