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Migration Policy on the Right Path

Cyprus’s immigration policies have received praise from the European Commission, with VicePresident Margaritis Schinas commending the nation as a “European return champion.” The government, led by Minister Constantinos Ioannou, continues to collaborate with the EU to enhance its immigration strategies, setting an example for other countries to follow.

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Cablenet Celebrates Substantial Growth in 2023

In 2023, Cablenet experienced remarkable growth, reporting a 16.2% increase in revenue, totaling €74.3 million. The company expanded its subscriber base by 29% and won the Glotel Award for Purple Max Internet, solidifying its position as a leading telecommunications provider in Cyprus.

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Cyprus’ Path to a Knowledge-Based Tech Economy

Cyprus is urged to take key steps in developing a knowledgebased tech economy, including establishing a business culture promoting innovation, implementing a supportive legal framework, investing in education, encouraging digital transformation, creating a venture capital fund, and focusing on developing local talent while attracting international expertise. The island’s potential as a tech hub and its unique position to become a regional center for innovation were emphasized by experts at the Economist Conference, who also announced the initiation of Cyprus’s first publiclysupported venture capital fund.

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