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Smart Nicosia: Embracing the Future

Smart Nicosia is revolutionizing the city into a smart, sustainable hub with innovative technology like public bikesharing, smart waste management, and parking apps. Part of the EUfunded “Thaleia 20212027” program, Nicosia is embracing digital excellence to enhance the lives of its residents and visitors, making it a model for smart city initiatives.

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Larnaca Pioneers Green Mobility with SUM Project

The SUM initiative in Larnaca aims to revolutionize urban transport by integrating bicycles, electric bikes, and public buses into a unified system supported by the PameApp, funded by the EU for sustainable and green mobility solutions. Partnerships between the Municipality of Larnaca and Larnaca Public Transport will launch this pilot project in June 2024, setting the stage for a seamless and ecofriendly transportation network in the city and potentially across Cyprus.

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Limassol’s Traffic Quagmire: A Call for Immediate Action

Limassol’s traffic congestion threatens the city’s livability, prompting Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades to advocate for immediate action. Proposed solutions include the implementation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan by 2026, the introduction of a Park & Ride service, installation of smart traffic lights, and consideration of a new highway to alleviate the current gridlock.

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Reducing Speed Limits for Safer Urban Travel

Reducing speed limits in urban areas to 30km/h can significantly decrease traffic accidents by up to 20% with just a 10% reduction in speed. This initiative, spearheaded by the road safety council and supported by the department of public works, aims to enhance safety, promote ecofriendly transportation, and align with European trends towards a better urban quality of life.

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Limassol Advances Toward Sustainable Urban Mobility

Limassol, a coastal city in Cyprus, is taking steps towards sustainable urban mobility by implementing the EUfunded project, metaCCAZE. The project includes the construction of smart mobility hubs, the introduction of zeroemission shared mobility services, and the integration of technology like AI for efficient routing, with the goal of reducing private vehicle dependency and achieving a climateneutral city by 2030.

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