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Sustainable Mobility: A New Chapter for Akamas

The proposal for sustainable mobility in Akamas involves enhancing existing roads with gravel, implementing shuttle services from surrounding villages, and restricting quad bike use to protect local flora and fauna, all in a bid to promote ecological preservation and sustainable tourism. This initiative aims to strike a balance between visitor access and conservation efforts in this pristine area, emphasizing reduced road construction and better management of visitor entry.

sustainable mobility urban planning

Nicosia Achieves Top Five Status in European Mobility

Nicosia surged to fifth place in the 2023 European Mobility Week awards, showcasing its dedication to sustainable mobility and urban environmental stewardship. Through prioritizing public transport, cycling, and walking, the city sets a high standard for sustainable urban planning, earning recognition among 65 European cities.

electric vehicles government subsidies

Surging Interest in Electric Vehicle Subsidies

The electric vehicle subsidy program has seen a significant response, with 2,254 applications received, showing a strong public interest in clean transportation. The simplified digital application process has made it easier for families and businesses to participate, with funds available until the deadline or depletion.

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