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RE:SOURCE Exhibition: The Environmental Protection and Resources of Cyprus

RE:SOURCE Exhibition in Cyprus merges art with ecoconsciousness, showcasing sustainable practices and nature’s resources. Hosted by the City Friends Club and ARTNOW team at The Warehouse by ITQuarter from May 17 to May 21, 2024, this event promotes environmental protection through art, fashion, and workshops, aiming to spark conversations and inspire action for resource conservation in Cyprus.

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Campaign Aims for 10,000 Planted Trees and Clean Beaches

The ‘Ride to Green’ campaign in Cyprus is striving to plant 10,000 trees in wildfireaffected areas and promote clean beaches, advocating for sustainable living and ecofriendly transportation. Spearheaded by deputy minister Marina Hadjimanoli, the initiative aims to engage the community in environmental conservation and education, solidifying the connection between people and the planet.

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