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‘Absurd costs’ for UCy student dorms

The University of Cyprus is facing criticism over the exorbitant costs of its new student dormitories, priced at €110,000 per room, more than double the cost of similar projects. Concerns arise from the project’s lengthy eightyear timeline and the influence of donors on budgeting, sparking debates on fiscal responsibility and the implications for student welfare and education.

education student housing

University Rector Defends Student Housing Policy

In a spirited defense, University of Cyprus Rector Tassos Christofides rejects corruption accusations related to student housing, highlighting plans for 900 new dormitory rooms. Securing funding from major banks, the university eagerly awaits procedural approval to progress with the expansion.

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Calls for Probe into Bribery Claims at UCy

The University of Cyprus (UCy) is facing allegations of bribery, with claims that developers may have delayed oncampus student housing to benefit private landlords. The rector denies the claims, but the controversy highlights the university’s struggle to provide affordable student accommodations amid rising rental prices.

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Call from Ministry for Student Housing Scheme in Old Nicosia

The student housing scheme in Old Nicosia, funded with €15 million from the Cyprus recovery and resilience plan, aims to revitalize the historical district by providing accommodation for students. Interested applicants can find more information and apply through the ministry of the interior’s official post, with the project expected to bring economic and cultural growth to the area.

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